Elden Ring 2 release date speculation - News and what we want to see

An image of Elden Ring title screen.

An image of Elden Ring title screen.

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Considering Elden Ring's massive popularity and success, it's a no-brainer that we will be seeing more of the world of the Lands Between in the near future. Developed by FromSoftware and published by Bandai Namco Entertainment, Elden Ring was released on February 25, 2022 and has received critical acclaim since. More than a year since its release, fans have been wondering what features could be added to a possible Elden Ring 2.

Being an action RPG, Elden Ring emphasizes its extensive and freely roaming open world. Players have the goal to embark on a journey to repair the titular Elden Ring and become the new Elden Lord.

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Elden Ring 2 release date speculation

Elden Ring has garnered a lot of praise, winning the Game of the Year award and selling over 20 million copies in its first year of release.

Additionally, it was announced just this February that there will be an expansion that will be released, called Shadow of the Erdtree. We hope to see this expansion later in the year.

At the moment, we haven't heard any news on an Elden Ring 2 yet. This is probably because of how new the game is still. As we're to see more Elden Ring content later this year, we can only hope that we'll get more features that will enhance and improve the game.

Five things we want to see in Elden Ring 2

As Elden Ring is fairly new, a lot of the game's players and fans have aired out their suggestions to improve the game. We've prepared a list of some of the top features Elden Ring players want to see in the near future.

More quality-of-life multiplayer features

An image of Elden Ring players about to battle a boss.
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First off, it would be cool to have a feature that sees various degrees of multiplayer activity (co-op, duels, and invasions) happening across different map areas. This would help players to not idle for so long just to wait for co-op players.

Another multiplayer feature that can be added is expanding the limitations of summoning other players. Currently, neither host nor summoned can help use their mounts which restricts co-op to the immediate area. Plus, nobody in co-op can enter separate areas. Restrictions like these slow down the game's pace and progression.

An abundant source of mana

An image of an Elden Ring player using magic.
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In an open-world game, running out of mana can be quite frustrating as you would have to repeatedly return to vendors or areas that will help you replenish your mana. Mana should be better off as a regenerative feature or be a feature that is easier to restore. Another solution to this can also be having craftable consumables that restore mana.

More unique weapons and spell types

An image of a character in bloody wolf rage armour holding a sword from Elden Ring.
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You know that Elden Ring is built in a somewhat medieval and fantastical world with some basic medieval weapons. As there are a couple of uniquely made weapons that are made for the game itself, you can never have too much, honestly. There are currently weapons such as the Coil Shield and the Ringed Finger, but to better expand the world's lore, perhaps FromSoftware can dabble more in weapon design to make Elden Ring's roster of tools be more unique, intriguing, and of course, game-changing.

While for spell types, despite its large roster of spells, the game's magic system still seems to be lacking. There could be more spell schools incorporated which could widen combat options for players. However, these do demand to be balanced if added in Elden Ring 2.

Fewer repeated bosses

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An image of a boss encounter in Elden Ring.
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Next is having fewer repeated bosses. There are certain types of boss fights that are repeated throughout Elden Ring. This includes battling the Mad Pumpkin Head three times and you'll even duel against the Erdtree Avatar six times.

As some repeated bosses do work for the game, players would still have to repeat some fights just to progress in-game, which lessens the thrill of meeting characters in-game. A variety of game bosses that are well-developed are worth waiting for, rather than getting a game and having to fight bosses repeatedly.

Improvements in PC porting

A character holding a torch in Elden Ring
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Lastly is improved PC porting. As most players know, FromSoftware's history with PC ports hasn't been fantastic. There were a couple of performance issues that came with the PC release, such as screen tearing, unstable frame-rates, invisible enemies, and multiple crashes.

Despite Elden Ring being more stable on PC after a few fixes, FromSoftware's future game releases should definitely allocate enough time for proper PC porting. That way, players can have a better experience and even allow the game to be promoted further, especially for PC gamers.

With that, we've concluded the five things we want to see in an Elden Ring 2. Stay tuned here for updates on Elden Ring 2 as we'll be on the lookout for news.

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