Horizon Forbidden West All Mountable Machines

Horizon Forbidden West Aloy riding a Charger on the road leading out of Chainscrape

Horizon Forbidden West Aloy riding a Charger on the road leading out of Chainscrape

Machines in Horizon Forbidden West play a majority of roles throughout the game. They are a serious threat to Aloy and her companions, especially when they're being controlled by Regalla. They can be great sources of loot or parts that Aloy can use to purchase new weapons or upgrade her current gear. Then, of course, they can be overridden to become an extra set of allies in a battle or used as a mount.

Aloy must venture deep into the Forbidden West to find a way to stop the red blight that is choking the land, and she must find a way to stop another (arguably bigger) threat. The map itself is slightly larger than Zero Dawn, so it will take you a long time to travel around on foot. This is where mountable machines come in. Once you learn how to override them, you can use them to explore the West.

In this guide, we've listed all of the mountable machines in the game, and where you can find their override code.

All Mountable Machines

Here are all of the mountable machines in the game and where you can find their override codes.

Horizon Forbidden West Charger in a field near Chainscrape
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Override Location: None

Chargers can be used as mounts from the beginning of the game. The easiest explanation for this is that Aloy already learned to override them in Zero Dawn. They are machines that look very similar to a real-life Ram. They move quite quickly across the landscape, though they have a nasty kick if they catch you sneaking up behind them. The easiest way to override this machine is to sneak up behind it, as whacking it too hard in the right place can result in it dying instantly. A dead machine is an unmountable machine.

Horizon Forbidden West Two Acid Bristlebacks digging the ground at a Bristleback Site
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Override Location: TAU

Bistlebacks are a machine that Aloy becomes familiar with very quickly in the Forbidden West. The large mechanical Warthogs cause a lot of damage, but they are vulnerable to acid. You'll need to complete Cauldron TAU to unlock the override code for this machine. Once you do, again, sneaking up behind it is your best bet for overriding it. For a smaller machine, they are still a formidable opponent when you come face-to-face with an angry one.

Horizon Forbidden West Aloy crouching in tall grass as a Clawstrider stalks past
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Override Location: IOTA

Clawstriders are one of the largest machines that Aloy can use as a mount. They're extremely useful if you are battling your way through herds of machines as their claw attacks do significant damage. However, the combat perk comes at a cost. As stated in a post by redditor x_Esbi_x, they are quite slow compared to the other mountable machines.

Horizon Forbidden West. A group of Sunwings charging up in the sun at dusk
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Override Location: GEMINI

This machine is special, as it's the only one that can be mounted and flown! That's right, once you progress past a certain point in the story-quest (we're not going to spoil it) you are taken to another Cauldron. This one is called GEMINI and this is where you learn how to override the flying machines.

There is a lot for you to do and explore in Horizon Forbidden West, so knowing how to mount a machine will always be useful to you. If travelling around on a machine doesn't get you to your destination quickly enough, then there are other options. Check out our Fast Travel Guide to learn what they are. Also, fighting your way through the West might become tricky at times and you may want some extra help. We explain how you can add a second player to your game in our Co-Pilot Guide.

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