Horizon Forbidden West Fast Travel Guide

Horizon Forbidden West Aloy looking out at the shuttle ruins

Horizon Forbidden West Aloy looking out at the shuttle ruins

Horizon Forbidden West is an open-world action role-playing game from Guerilla Games. It's the highly-anticipated sequel to 2017's Horizon Zero Dawn, and the flame-haired protagonist Aloy returns in it. Six months after the ending of Zero Dawn, Aloy has been on another journey to save the world. This journey continues in the game and it will take her into the Forbidden West.

The map in this game is slightly bigger than the one in Zero Dawn. It has been based on the 906 miles between Utah and San Francisco. Therefore, getting around it on foot may become tiresome after a while. Of course, there is always the option to override a machine and use it as a mount, but there is a faster way to cover vast distances.

In this guide, we're going to show you how to fast travel across the Forbidden West.

How to Fast Travel

There are two ways that you can fast travel in the game. One way is free, but slightly time-consuming and the other is quick, but it will cost you some shards. Here's a breakdown of each:

Horizon Forbidden West Campfire
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Fast Travel Packs

Fast Travel packs can be bought from Merchants or, if you're lucky, they can be found in loot boxes or from deceased enemies across the Forbidden West. To fast travel using a pack, open your map and hover over a Campfire logo. If you want to travel to that particular fire, press R2. You will then be asked if you want to use one of your Fast Travel Packs to go there. If you want to, then you can proceed to use one of your packs to travel to your desired location.

Using Fast Travel packs is a good way of using the Fast Travel system from any point on the map. However, the convenience comes at a cost, as you will need to constantly buy packs to use them.

Fast Travel Fires

Now, Fast Travelling at a Campfire is a free way to bounce around the large map. All you need to do is head up to one and press Circle. The map will suddenly appear and you can choose where you'd like to travel to. Select your destination and you will be transported there.

Fast travelling at Campfires is a free way of exploring the map quickly. However, if you are stuck somewhere and you want a quick escape but there are no fires around, you'll need to use a pack instead.

We will update this page as we learn more.

There is a vast world for you to explore in Horizon Forbidden West, so knowing how to get around it quickly will be useful. If you do want to learn to use machines as mounts, then check out our overriding machines guide. Also, if following the storyline becomes overwhelming, there are plenty of side-quests you can do. Check out our Hunting Grounds guide to learn all about them and why they're good to do if you want to improve your skills.

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