Horizon Forbidden West Co-Pilot Mode Explained

Horizon Forbidden West Aloy using a Warrior Bow

Horizon Forbidden West is the long-awaited sequel to Horizon Zero Dawn from Guerilla Games. Set six months after the ending of Zero Dawn, the world is still in peril. A mysterious red blight is plaguing the land that's on the verge of causing mass starvation, but an even bigger danger is at large. The search for a way to save the world takes Aloy deep into the Forbidden West.

As you search through the Forbidden West for the key to saving the world, you'll encounter numerous threats, both new and old. A vengeful Rebel Leader called Regalla seems determined to kill anyone who has wronged her and anyone else who dares to get in her way. There are a lot of brand-new machines, with new abilities, and new fighting techniques that you must learn to battle. Overall, you may find yourself desiring help during your adventure. This is where Co-Pilot mode comes in.

In this guide, we're going to show you what Co-Pilot Mode is, and how to turn it on.

What Is Co-Pilot Mode?

Co-Pilot mode allows another player to control Aloy. The main player can switch control of Aloy to the second player at any time throughout this mode. Essentially, this is the closest the game gets to having a "multiplayer mode" at the moment. It's a great way for two people to explore the Forbidden West with a single copy of the game.

Horizon Forbidden West Accessibility Settings Co-Pilot Mode
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How to Turn On Co-Pilot Mode

To turn on Co-Pilot mode, you'll need to have two things for the secondary player:

  • A second controller connected to the console
  • A second PS account/ID on that console

If you have both of these things ready, then you can proceed to turn on Co-Pilot. To do this, head into your settings via the main menu or pause menu. There are two sections in the settings where you can toggle the Co-Pilot Mode. All you need to do is switch the toggle option to "on" to activate Co-Pilot Mode.

  • In General: The Co-Pilot option toggle can be found between the "Mount follows road" and "Show headpiece" options
  • In Accessibility: The Co-Pilot option toggle can be found between the "Mount follows road" and "Hold/Toggle" options.

How to Turn It Off

To turn Co-Pilot Mode off, head back into the settings where you turned it on, and switch the toggle option to "off".

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