Halo's Marcus Lehto Announces "Big Decisions" for His Career

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Marcus Lehto, Halo co-creator and former creative director with Bungie, announced he's making some "big decisions" about his career this week (first spotted by VGC).

While Lehto didn't say what these decisions were, or if they would see him remain in the games industry, he did mention he expects some division over his choice.


"Some of you will support it, some will not," Lehto said on Twitter. "I just ask that you all join me on this next leg of journey. It’s going to be big."

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Halo's Marcus Lehto Announces "Big Decisions" for His Career

Lehto spent most of his career with Bungie, beginning in 1996 as a freelance graphic designer before eventually joining the company in 2000 and becoming creative director in 2011.

He left Bungie permanently after 2012 and his LinkedIn profile says he opened his own studio, V1 Interactive, the same year. However, V1's official opening didn't take place for another two years, and Disintegration, its only title, released to poor reception in 2020.

V1 closed in March 2021, but during its operation, Lehto also volunteered as a mentor at the DigiPen Institute of Technology in Redmond, Washington, a private university focused on game development, among other topics.


Lehto's comment that some people won't support him is vague enough to not give much indication of his intent. Whether he's starting another studio so soon after V1's closer or moving out of development and into teaching remains to be seen.

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