Halo Infinite: Who Are The Voice Actors and Cast?

Spartans have begun their Halo Infinite journey through its early released multiplayer. And while the franchise is accustomed to online gameplay, it's hard to forget about Master Chief and the voice actors that have come before it.

With 343 Industries setting out is his most challenging mission yet, Microsoft's trademark hero will encounter a lot of allies and enemies along the journey.

A host of the series' most iconic voice actors have returned along with fresh new faces. Based on the confirmed characters we know so far, here's who each cast member is voicing.

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Master Chief - Steve Downes

Steve Downes is holding a Master Chief helmet.
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Credit: Steve Downes (Facebook)

The legendary actor returns to voice Master Chief one more time. Ever since the series' introduction in 2001, Downes is synonymous with Master Chief and the Halo franchise as a whole. Based on the latest campaign footage, it seems like Downes is bringing his A-game to the role.

Cortana and The Weapon Voice Actor - Jen Taylor

Jen Taylor next to hear characters: Cortana and Dr Halsey
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Credit: Jen Taylor (IMDB) and Halopedia

Another Halo veteran returns! Jen Taylor will be voicing what looks to be a new Cortana, who has been modeled off Dr. Catherine Elizabeth Halsey. Cortana is seen in the latest trailer as a purple being, reminiscent of the A.I.'s look in earlier instalments.

War Chief Escharum - Darin De Paul

Darin De Paul image in grey suit side-by-side with war chief escharum.
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Credit: Darin De Paul (Twitter)

Darin De Paul is well-known within the games industry, having recently voiced The Hulk in Marvel's Avengers and Professor Krafft in Call Of Duty: Vanguard. De Paul will now lend his voice to Infinite's new baddie, War Chief Escharum. The villain is the leader of The Banished forces, one of the biggest hurdles facing Master Chief this time round.

Nicolas Roye - The Pilot

Roye's image is side-by-side with an image of the pilot from the halo infinite gameplay trailer.
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Credit: Nicolas Roye (Instagram)

Nicolas Roye is best known for voicing Octane in Apex Legends and is now in command of The Pilot. Driving the Echo-216, the person appears unusually distressed around Master Chief in the first gameplay unveiling. And given that the character's name is "The Pilot", the individual's sure to have a few secrets.

Spartan Griffin - Verlon Roberts

Verlon Roberts looking at the camera wearing a khaki t-shirt.
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Credit: Verlon Roberts (Instagram)

Verlon Roberts will be voicing Spartan Griffin, a character that has never appeared in a Halo game before. The character did pop up in the novel, Halo: Shadows of Reach, during which the individual ventured to Planet Reach with the rest of Fireteam Taurus. Nothing else is known, but we're bound to find out more about the mysterious character when the campaign launches.

Robbie Daymond - FRET

Robbie Daymond next to the Halo Infinite AI FRET.
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Robbie Daymond is a world-renowned actor known for his American dubbing across various anime, like One Punch Man and Boruto. Daymond voices FRET, an anxious A.I. in the shape of a pyramid. You can choose it as your companion A.I. in multiplayer.

Jeff Steitzer - Announcer

Jeff Steitzer, the Halo Infinite announcer.
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Jeff Steitzer is the voice of Halo. When you hear that guttural voice telling you what you're up to, that's Jeff. He apparently auditioned to be Master Chief at first but must have had that perfect voice to get players in the zone to take down enemy Spartans.

We'll keep adding more members to this page as we learn more. In the meantime, why not check out our guide on how to rank up fast in Halo Infinite?

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