“You’re a Failure in Real Life” - Tyler1 Rages at His Team in Halo Infinite

Halo Infinite brings back the competitions where players would roast each other mid-game. Tyler1 tried to be civil about how much he disliked his random team, but they didn’t just sit there and take it. After losing two to zero, Tyler1 made it known that he disliked them.

They opened up to get him back, cursing and making fun of Tyler1. Obviously, the League of Legends veteran wouldn’t take that sitting down either. He opened back up, and they yelled at each other until back in the lobby.

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Halo Infinite Rage

Tyler1 is no stranger to expressing his anger. In their days of smack talk, he was on the same level as Ninja and xQc. He prefers to stay on the cleaner, more peaceful side of things now. He hates losing, though.

He is very disciplined and keeps improving with everything he does. However, In Halo Infinite, he bombed a match for no apparent reason. Despite being the last death, he held back a lot of anger until his teammates started making fun of him.

One made a baby crying noise to make fun of him whining, while the other called him a nerd. Tyler1 struck back with “f***ing b****” and went on them from there.

Here’s the whole clip:

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This is why I love voice chat. The reactions to losing are what make me laugh the hardest. How about you? Which is your favorite rage loss?

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