“You’re F***Ing Soft Now” - Snip3down to ImperialHal and TSM After Leaving for Halo Infinite

Eric "Snip3down" Wrona showed how much he missed his old TSM team in a Halo Infinite lobby. Evan "Verhulst" Verhulst replaced Snip3down after he left for Halo Infinite. He had a lot to say about it when asked what he thought.

Snip3down believes Verhulst is doing well in the team but has noticed a difference. Phillip 'Imperialhal' Dosen is not treating Verhulst the same way he did when Snip3down first started, and it's not just because he's new. Snip3down dispelled that theory by saying, "I'm pretty sure we were like bantering, day one."

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Snip3down on TSM after Halo Infinite

Snip3down pointed out a mistake made by Verhulst and noted that ImperialHal did not check his teammate for it. Snap3down said that if he had made that mistake before leaving for Halo Infinite, ImperialHal would have been on him at that moment.

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ImperialHal even tried to explain himself in the chat, which led to a funny exchange:

Snip3down: I watched Verhulst accidentally take his portal and get stranded at a rock, and Hal would have been at my f***ing neck about how I'm an idiot, or a dumbass or some s*** and he doesn't say s*** to Verhulst, like, you f***ing b****...

ImperialHal: He didn't even die, though. Dumbass

Snip3down: It doesn't matter if he didn't die or not. You still would have been saying shit; you're f***ing soft now.

ImperialHal: Yeah, I lost my father. Got soft

Snip3down was in Esports for a while before ImperialHal, so ImperialHal finds ways to call him old. This may have been an "old person" joke, but it is heartfelt.

What do you think? Does TSM need Snip3down, or have things ended on good terms for all parties?

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