"What Do You Expect?" - Snip3down Says Halo Infinite Won't Nerf Aim Assist

Eric 'Snip3down' Wrona is one of the top controller players enjoying the aim assist in Halo Infinite. Since returning to Halo Esports from Apex Legends, he has noticed the extra help Halo gives its controller players. Many complain and demand that the aim assist be removed, but Snip3down disagrees.

According to Snip3down, Halo Infinite has no plans to nerf the aim assist. According to him, 343 Industries did this on purpose, but not out of malice. Evidently, 343 Industries wants to cater to controller players more than keyboard and mouse players.

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Halo Infinite Aim Assist

Snip3down's point is that Halo's biggest player base is controller players. These are console players who were professionals and are used to the game's aim assist. Keyboard and mouse players are separated because they did not want to pull back on aim assistance for controller players.

The average and below-average controller players would be frustrated if aim assist was nerfed. The controller doesn't offer good enough control over aiming, and they didn't want to alienate their biggest audience.

After explaining, he said, "What do you expect when the game has been controller-dominated for so long?"

Here's the clip:

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Honestly, I think it makes a lot of sense. Since Halo Esports originally started before PCs became as powerful (and eventually more powerful) than consoles, those pros are used to consoles. Even so, that hurts any keyboard and mouse player who wants to become a pro.

What are your thoughts? Should Halo allow players with different inputs to play together, or is keeping them apart smarter for fair play?

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