100 Thieves x Halo Infinite Announced After Nadeshot Leaked The Collab

Halo Infinite has impressed many fans and pros, from Dr Disrespect to even Shroud. And it seems like 100 Thieves has also seen the light and has gone as far as to partner with the beloved franchise.

As seen in a host of Twitter posts by BrookeAB and the company's co-owner, CouRageJD, memorabilia based on the shooter could be coming very soon.

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100 Thieves x Halo Infinite Announced After Nadeshot Leaked The Collab

CouRage is spotted in what seems to be a Halo-curated underground set, with the streamer standing in front of a life-size Warthog. Master Chief is seen in the foreground, along with several 100 Thieves logos.

BrookeeAB is joined by Valkyrae in the same hanger. Sure to be one of many memorabilia in store, the streamer shows off a licensed hoodie with Master Chief at the forefront.

But this partnership comes as no surprise, due to Nadeshot revealing a Halo x 100 Thieves t-shirt just last week.

The leak didn't go down too well with Xbox's Marketing Manager, Katie Jerauld, as an official reveal was being planned for next week. Nadeshot's spillage forced 100 Thieves to push the announcement forward.

While it's a nice unveiling, there's nothing like seeing something new for the first time. The announcement also clashed with the crazy Halo-Swarovski collab, which offers crystal figures of Master Chief's helmet and energy sword. Though the latter is a little outside my budget.

What's really interesting is 100 Thieves is not part of the Halo Championship Series. It remains to be seen whether this collab will encourage 100 Thieves to establish their own Halo squad and compete. Personally, I think they will establish their own team, given the shooter's popularity and the fact that high-profile squads like FaZe and Cloud 9 are already involved.

What do you think of the collab? Let us know in the comments.

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