Halo-Swarovski Collaboration Offers The Most Exclusive Merch Possible

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Ever thought to yourself, "I love Halo Infinite so much that I'd like a replica of Master Chief's helmet as a crystal figurine from Swarovski"? It's probably a fairly common occurrence for most Halo players, and with the festive season on the way, there's no better time than the present to grab yourself a hilarious-looking crystal helmet.

Swarovski and Halo have teamed up to create a batch of 117 sets of crystal collectables. Each set contains a crystal version of Master Chief's iconic Mjolnir helmet, as well as the Energy Sword, known in Halo Infinite for bringing death as it has for the two decades the series has been around.

The Halo Infinite x Swarovski collectables, with the energy sword above the Mjolnir helmet.
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Credit: Swarovski

In order to get your hands on them, you'll have to enter a competition on Swarovski's website, offering your contact information and UK location.

You'll have the chance to win one of 117 sets (Master Chief's name is John-117) by entering, as well as ticking some boxes to help Swarovski choose their next video game inspired sweepstakes.

There are boxes to tick to gauge which series you'd like to see made into crystal too. The choice between a shiny Sonic the Hedgehog and glass tetrominoes from Tetris truly is too hard to decide. How about Captain Price from Call of Duty looking utterly fabulous and sparkly? It's hard to get merch of him (we've tried), so you might as well enter just to tick that box.


There'll likely be Halo Infinite and other gaming-related figurines for sale on Swarovski too since the competition asks the question of whether people would be interested in purchasing things like this if they were for sale. What a treat that'd be.

Anyway, good luck to you. Send us a picture if you're the winner, or maybe chip a bit of crystal off for us.

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