Halo Infinite: How to View Your K/D Ratio

343 Industries has made a number of changes to Halo Infinite. In addition to the inclusion of the Battle Pass and the new Ranking System, traditional K/D (Kill/Death) ratios have also been shifted.

K/D is a numerical value that can be used to competitively assess your performance in multiplayer. It takes into consideration your total kills, deaths, and assists.

We break down the new measures and how you can check your lifetime K/D.

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Halo Infinite: How to View K/D

343 Industries has adjusted the K/D ratio given at the end of each match. Instead of traditional kills and deaths, the new metric places heavy importance on assists, resulting in a positive decimal value.

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As for lifetime K/D, there is no proper way to check this measure in-game. Instead, there are unofficial ways to check your complete K/D.

Here are the easy steps you should follow:

  • Head to the Halo Tracker website.
  • Input your Xbox Live ID - you can either insert your username directly or connect your Xbox Live accounts to easily sign in next time.
  • That's it!

Be warned that assists count as 1/3 of a kill in the K/D metric given.

Hopefully, 343 Industries should add an in-game feature in the future. So keep an eye on this page for any new details! In the meantime, why not check our guide on how to earn challenge swaps, or learn a bit about how to improve your K/D with the best Halo Infinite guns?

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