Halo Infinite "Committed" To A Holiday 2021 Release

Microsoft's Phil Spencer has said that the Halo Infinite team is committed to a holiday release, despite the lack of a release date.

Phil appeared on an episode of the Dropped Frames Podcast, where he confirmed that the game is still set for release this year, and they are still working out a release date that depends on the release of another title around the same time.

"We know our range, in the 3-4 week range. We don't have yet the exact day, there are some other things, with some other game timing that we are trying to look at, we will have better clarity over the summer, but this isn't a month's thing this is just down to a few weeks." Spencer says.

Halo Infinite "Committed" To A Holiday 2021 Release

The team doesn't want to set a date as of yet in case it needs to be adjusted by a week, as the team thinks that will be a "fail".

Phil is confident in the team developing Halo Infinite in both quality and getting the game finished in time.

Halo Infinite will be released in two parts, the first being a free-to-play multiplayer, followed by a single-player release, and will be available on PC, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X|S.

There has been no confirmation that each game will release at a different time, despite one being released for free.

Both versions of the game can be expected to launch together later this year.

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