Halo Infinite Developers Explain Why They Delayed Forge Mode

Halo Infinite’s Forge Mode is something fans have been waiting a good while for and it looks like they will have to be patient. Developer 343 Industries have attempted to explain why it hasn’t arrived yet. The last time someone involved in Halo Infinite tried to talk to the community, it led to plenty of anger from the fanbase since the shooter is missing out on a lot of content aside from Forge Mode.

On the official Halo Waypoint blog, the devs from 343 Industries had this to say about Halo Infinite’s Forge Mode getting delayed:

"It broke our hearts to not be able to launch Forge alongside the rest of Infinite but to ensure it meets the bar we're setting for it to achieve, this massive overhaul to Forge in Infinite just wasn't able to make it out before the end of last year.”

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Halo Infinite Developers Explain Why They Delayed Forge Mode

While the devs don’t give an update on when we’ll be seeing Forge Mode in Halo Infinite, they did promise that this iteration of the mode would be “another generational leap forward.” 343 also promised that this version of Forge Mode would feature a number of features that fans have been asking for, which should make them happy.

Halo Infinite is available now on Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, and PC. Those only interested in online play can pick up the Halo Infinite multiplayer now since it’s Free-to-Play, albeit with some microtransactions.

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