Halo Infinite Leak Gives First Look at Forge Mode

343 Industries is prepping for the addition of Forge Mode to Halo Infinite. While details have been delayed, it looks like this feature might be around the corner.

Coming to us from @InfiniteLeaks, several clips reveals various changes to Infinite's most common maps. One of the clips showcases the addition of fireflies through Forge; acting as a possible feature that makes up the game's catalogue of customisation options.

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Halo Infinite Leak Gives First Look at Forge Mode

As many franchise enthusiasts know, Forge Mode allows players to change maps with altered modes. Users can then share these new maps with other Spartans.

Infinite Leaks also posted screengrabs of the main menu of Forge. The adjustment features are very lengthy, allowing you to change FX, gameplay, props, lighting, and more.

Another spillage also features Bazaar, which has been amended with snowy and blizzard-like conditions.

This particular leak shows the range of customisation options available for vehicles, allowing you to adjust their colours and textures. Clearly, the feature looks like a step-up from previous instalments, expressing the extent of detail you can go to when amending maps.

Halo Infinite's most recent patch has finally addressed connection issues and desync lagging. While another has resolved matchmaking issues for Big Team Battles and heavy vehicle spawning.

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