How to Customize Spartan ID in Halo Infinite

If you want your enemies to know who killed them in style, you'll need to change your Spartan ID in Halo Infinite. It's the tag that shows up when you first start a match and whenever you kill a foe, and 343 added plenty of ways to make them unique.

What they didn't do is add a tutorial for how to actually change them, but that's where we come in handy. Here's how to customize your Halo Infinite Spartan ID.

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How to Change Spartan ID in Halo Infinite

Choose the "Customize" tab from the main menu, then pick "Spartan ID." This option opens a menu where you can choose the tag, tag backdrop and color palette, and your Spartan's stance.

Here's what each option is:

Spartan Tag: The combination of letters and numbers that appears under your username

Voice: How your Spartan sounds when calling out on the field

Nameplate: The icon and basic background palette that appears on your tag

Palette: Customizes the colors of your tag icon and background

Backdrop: The icon that appears behind your nametag

The customize ID menu in Halo Infinite, showing options for nameplate changes, icons, backdrops, and more.
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Spartan ID Unlocks

You'll have a small range of options unlocked from the beginning, though some additional backdrop and nametag options unlock as you progress through the Battle Pass.

However, most of the nameplate designs come from the Halo Shop, which means you'll need to buy credits with real money, then spend them on nameplates. The daily bundles often include a nametag, as do the bundles in the Champions Series.

That's only one part of looking your best in Halo Infinite. You can customize your Spartan's armor style, color, and appearance as well, though a fine suit of armor won't get you far if you don't pair it with the best weapons.

If you don't want to buy credits for nametags, you'll want to grind out those weekly challenges to get XP and climb through the Battle Pass tiers.

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