How to Customize Your Spartan's Armor in Halo Infinite

Wondering how to customize your Spartan in Halo Infinite? 343 pitched Halo Infinite's multiplayer customization options, with new armor types, colors, and attachments, as one of its major features, and while you won't be flooded with new cosmetics thanks to the Battle Pass structure, there's still a strong suite of items you can deck yourself out with early on. Here's how to put them to use.

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How to Customize Spartan in Halo Infinite

Choose "Customize" from the game's main menu, and you'll have two options connected to your character customization.

Halo Infinite Armor Hall

This takes you to a hall where all your available armor cores and some upcoming ones are on display. Find the one you want to customize, then press "Enter" (on PC) or "A" (on Xbox) to enter the customization menu.

Halo Infinite's armor customization screen, showing the available categories including color, visors, and more.
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Here, you''ll choose which aspects you want to customize, including all armor pieces and attachments available, along with color and, if you have them, armor kits. You'll earn more from the Battle Pass and can purchase other pieces of equipment from the Halo Shop if you have credits.

Spartan Body & AI

This menu, in theory, lets you customize how your Spartan's body looks. In reality, the options are rather limited. You get three similar-looking body types that just vaguely change the Spartan's mid-section girth, while the prosthesis sections add or remove armor segments depending on what you choose.

You can also customize your Spartan's AI here (we like the standard BUTLR one, but hopefully there'll be some more fun ones in future seasons), choosing shapes and colors from what you have unlocked. Some higher Battle Pass tiers also reward you with new AI customization options, though as with everything else earned or bought in Halo Infinite, this is just a cosmetic change.

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