Halo Infinite Legendary Ending: Are There Legendary Campaign Rewards?

Master Chief's journey continued in Halo Infinite, offering the franchise's most challenging story yet, especially through Legendary difficulty.

Various players have bested the endeavour but, what do you get in return? We've got all the answers.

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Halo Infinite: Do You Get Anything For Beating The Campaign On Legendary?

When you complete Halo Infinite's story on Legendary, many have been wondering if there's any reward.

We can confirm that there are no extra perks or bonuses for completing Halo Infinite's campaign on Legendary. However, you do get some extra story content in the Legendary ending. Spoilers are upcoming, obviously, but here's a great breakdown and explainer of the Halo Infinite Legendary ending from Youtuber HiddenXperia.

But this could change in the future, as 343 Industries is working on more updates and patches to add to the game. In addition to Forge Mode and a potential story DLC, extra accolades could be offered for finishing on Legendary in the near future.

If you're struggling with finding various collectables throughout the new world, check out our guides on Spartan Cores and wasp vehicles. We even have tips on finding all Halo Infinite skulls - they're pretty tough to find.

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