All Halo Infinite Spartan Core Locations in the Campaign - Best Spartan Core Upgrades

Halo Infinite's Campaign is made a whole lot harder without upgrading your suit. Thankfully, you can find Spartan Cores all over the map to use and upgrade your abilities in the 'Upgrades' menu.

Here are all the locations of the Spartan Cores throughout the map thanks to our interactive map with all the precise locations available.

With all of these, you should be able to fully upgrade all your equipment.

What do Spartan Cores Look Like?

Spartan Cores look like a small box with the UNSC initials on it that emits a green glow. It pulses and makes a faint beeping sound, so be sure to keep your ears out when you're nearby.

A Spartan Core in Halo Infinite.
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Best Upgrades to Get First

If you're on your path to obtaining all the Spartan Cores thanks to the map above, we'd recommend you utilise a few upgrades first, prioritising them above the less handy ones.


The Grappleshot is a super fun addition to the Halo Infinite campaign that it'd feel weird playing without it. It's also vital to traversal around the map, especially if you're on a quest to find all Halo Infinite skulls around the map.

In particular, the Quickshot upgrade is vital to obtain all the collectables in Halo Infinite. It costs three Spartan Cores (one for the initial upgrade and two for the Quickshot) and reduces cooldown by 40%. This allows you to traverse far higher than you otherwise would have.

Shield Core

After getting the Quickshot upgrade, you should work on boosting your Shield Core. It's extremely important to ensure you have enough shields to survive taking a punishment. This should be your next priority.

Drop Wall and Thruster

The Drop Wall and Thruster each have extremely cool final abilities once you've ranked them up.

The final Drop Wall upgrade adds shock damage to all projectiles fired through it, giving you the potential to utterly destroy grouped-up Banished with any weapon at all.

With the Thruster, you get a personal cloak effect that lasts for four seconds after you use it, which could be the difference between life and death in a tough fight.

Anyway, that's all for the Spartan Cores in Halo Infinite! If you want a bit more advice on the Halo Infinite campaign, why not learn a bit more on how to kill hunters in Halo Infinite? Or are you ready to hop into multiplayer with the best Halo Infinite guns?

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