Guilty Gear Strive: What Happens If You Force Disconnect Too Much

As a fighting game with online play, disconnecting during matches is inevitable. However, doing it too often in Guilty Gear Strive to avoid losses will activate the game's penalty system against match leavers.

So, what happens to players if they force disconnect too much in this fighting game? Here's what you should know.

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Disconnecting In Guilty Gear Strive Netplay

When disconnecting during Guilty Gear Strive's netplay, players will simply be booted out of the match. Similar to other fighting game titles, that match will be considered void. The disconnected player will lose the match while the remaining player doesn't have any victory or losses counted on their end.

Overall, Arc System Works has a standard result similar to other fighting games for players disconnecting during battle in the Guilty Gear Strive.

No Rage Quit Penalty System So Far

Guilty Gear Strive doesn't have a strict system for disconnecting players. Unlike other titles like Tekken 7 and Street Fighter 5, Guilty Gear Strive doesn't give major penalties to disconnected players. It doesn't matter if it was intentional or accidental, a disconnect will always incur the loss penalty.

At best, the disconnect loss only becomes a problem if the Celestial challenge is active. Disconnecting during a Celestial challenge will always add a loss count, which quickly boot out a player from the promotion chance.

Red Skull Penalty

Even though Guilty Gear Strive doesn't issue major penalties, players who repeatedly disconnect may get tagged with a Red Skull on their Online wanted poster. The Red Skull mark is a sign for players that disconnect too much in online matches. At times, players who have this mark could either have spotty internet connections or be a serial rage quitter.

For now, Arc System Works is not pushing an effort to help out on the disconnecting problem. Players are currently enjoying the improved online experience with the game's rollback netcode system.

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