Guilty Gear Strive Series Creator, Daisuke Ishiwatari, Sees the Future of Guilty Gear Without Him

Guilty Gear creator and longtime director Daisuke Ishiwatari has confirmed in an interview that he may not be around to direct future entries of the series.

According to an interview with Ishiwatari on Famitsu (translation from Eventhubs), the famed Guilty Gear director said that "What it means is that there will most likely not be any games like this one, where I'm central to the development of a new 'Guilty Gear' game," according to a

Ishiwatari also said that he hopes "to see Guilty Gear be developed by young developers with fresh ideas" in the future.

As of now, Ishiwatari has designed, directed, and had a major contribution in making every Guilty Gear entry since the first title released back in 1998.

Guilty Gear Strive Series Creator Sees Future of Guilty Gear Without Him

The current entry in the Guilty Gear series, known as Guilty Gear Strive, has been significantly different from the previous instalments of the game. It's also been very consistent with its design philosophy to "keep strong characters strong and keep buffing the underperforming ones."

Though Ishiwatari is still working on the current title, its director is actually Akira Katano. Even though fans still call out Ishiwatari's name for every blessing and problem found in the game, Katano has more control over the course of Guilty Gear Strive updates down the line and could well take sole ownership in the future. Katano has also been more visible on every Developer's Backyard update, where the development team discusses and explains the changes they add to Guilty Gear Strive.

Despite suggestions he could leave future entries to someone else, the Guilty Gear creator also added that this was simply how "how I feel right now", before jokingly adding that he could still be involved with the next entry:

"Even though I'm saying this, I might end up making the next one too in the end, haha."

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