Guilty Gear Strive: How To Rank Up

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Ranking up in Guilty Gear Strive is a straightforward experience. Players will need to face each other in the ranked tower up until the highest floor. Here's how you can rank up in Guilty Gear Strive

How To Rank Up With The Ranked Tower

After their first match to the AI player after making their profile, the player will be assigned to one of the 10 floors of the ranked tower. The higher the floor, the stronger will the players be inside it.


The highest floor for the ranked tower is the Celestial floor which only grants limited access to players who do well on the 10th floor. The Celestial floor is considered as the pinnacle of the Guilty Gear Strive ranked system as international tournament regulars, fighting game personalities, and top players are found here.

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How Do You Go Up Floors In GG strive?

When the Celestial floor is reached, players are provided with an enormous character level experience on every win they get. Normally, most players will only reach up to level 50-100 and the level experience gain will turn from rapid rise to a snail's crawl. Players who want more levels will need to get to the Celestial floor and stay winning in there.


As seen in the top rankings section, some players have already reached up to more than level 500. Earning a lot of levels also means that you get the cash for levelling up. High level players often have access to many of the cosmetics and music tracks of the game.

The VIP Wanted Poster

If you've reached the Celestial floor after winning a lot in the 10th floor, the player will get the Celestial challenge where they'll need to secure 5 out of 6 wins. The challenge's reward is the prestigious VIP poster status and is difficult to get. Players will need to beat the best in their region and get the 5 wins before they lose twice.

Losing twice during this challenge will revoke their access to the Celestial floor and demoted them back to the 10th floor to earn their chance again. On the other end, successfully winning the challenge will provide access to the Celestial floor for a month. At best, the VIP poster is a testament to the player's limited access to the Celestial floor.


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