Guilty Gear Strive: How To Unlock Colours

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Similar to other fighting games, Guilty Gear Strive also offers alternate colors for its characters. Unlocking new ones is also possible than just the default extra available. Here's how you can unlock more colors in Guilty Gear Strive

How To Get New Colors In Guilty Gear Strive

To access your character's extra colors, pick them in the character select screen and press left or right. This action will allow players to browse through the character's alternate colors in fights. In order to avoid any confusion during mirror matches, players can pick a color variation they like to keep themselves known in the fights.


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How To Unlock Extra Colours

As of now, the extra color variations are locked behind a DLC purchase. Players have no way of unlocking these extra character colors in the game. The game's fishing system only offers online avatar equipment, background music, and artworks.

If you want these extra colors, it'll be best to prepare your wallet to buy it from Steam and PlayStation Store.


Early pre-orders were also rewarded with a unique EX color palette for Sol Badguy and Ky Kiske. The EX color palette swaps the colors of the two main characters for each other where Sol sports blue and white outfit with light blue flames. Meanwhile, Ky gets a red and black colors with an orange form when he activates his Dragon Install form.

How To Get The Ultimate Edition Colors

Adding to the pre-order bonuses, Guilty Gear Strive also rewards players with a unique color scheme for those who bought the Ultimate Edition bundle. The color scheme is available for all characters and mimics the color of a PlayStation 4 unit. The character's outfit will be in black with some parts of getup with a luminous blue. This is the only color outfit where the character's colors glow outside of activating a special mode.

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