Guilty Gear Strive: What Is The R.I.S.C Gauge?

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When entering Training mode, you'll find a flashing red bar under your Psych Burst gauge in Guilty Gear Strive. This is the R.I.S.C gauge and is one of Guilty Gear's deeper mechanics. Here's how it works.

What Is The R.I.S.C Gauge?

The R.I.S.C Gauge is an old system carried over from previous Guilty Gear entries. This gauge system is intended to reward players who persist their pressure against blocking opponents. On every blocked hit, the purple gauge fills up and will be at its maximum when it has a caution icon and bright red.

Many players don't know what it does as it is fairly negligible in many matches. However, the R.I.S.C gauge actually adds a damage bonus as long it is filled up.

The R.I.S.C gauge empties itself when successful hits are made and fills up when hits are blocked. Alternatively, the R.I.S.C gauge slowly empties out when the player is not hit for a long time during the match.

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Max R.I.S.C Reward

The fun with the R.I.S.C gauge system happens when a hit connects at its maximum level. The next successful hit will be an assured large Counter hit. It'll be a big Counter hit normally found on counterhit Heavy Slashes but can activate on any other hit like a special move, Overdrive super, uncharged dust attack, and even a standard, standing punch.

Most combos that start with a full R.I.S.C gauge hit often leads to more than 50% damage even if the character is not known for their damage output.

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Unreal Combos

However, many players note that R.I.S.C gauges are not optimal to study as it is rare to pull it off in matches. To set it up, players must know a consistent way to make their enemy block them for a long time and secure the hit.

Against any matchup, this situation is risky and difficult to achieve even for high level players. Additionally, many characters in Guilty Gear Strive already has decent damage output enough for most characters which makes gameplans aiming for full R.I.S.C gauge unnecessary.

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