Guilty Gear Strive Faust Guide: Beginners Tips, Move List & Best Combo

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Anime fighting games always has one character that relies on gimmicks and silly attacks to defeat their enemies in battle. For Guilty Gear Strive, Faust will be your pick if you want this. Here's how you can play as the game's resident Underground Doctor.

Who is Faust in Guilty Gear Strive?

In the Guilty Gear universe, Faust is known to be a murderous madman and a medical genius. In the past, he has been known to be a killer but has renounced his murderous ways and is now a genuine medical doctor. However, Faust admits that he is still keeping his murderous urges at bay but his desire to help people is still stronger.

Even though his background is a former serial killer and a medical doctor, Faust's attacks show that he can contort himself, use dimension portals, and other unexplainable phenomena. Plainly speaking, Faust's character doesn't make any sense.

Playstyle-wise, Faust is filled with unorthodox attacks and uses item gimmicks to win fights. Players who like causing mayhem and situations that even they don't understand will have fun in playing as Faust.

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Faust Move List

On its own, Faust's special moves and supers can look silly and will continue to put enemies in unusual situations if they hit him with it. Here's his full movelist written in Numpad Notation:

  • Thrust - 41236K
  • Pull Back - During Thrust, press Back
  • Home Run! - During Pull Back, press HS (Perfect Timing gets a unique animation and foe flies farther, can wallbreak)
  • What Could This Be? - 236P (Faust's item throw)
  • Mix Mix Mix - 236S Air OK
  • Snip Snip Snip - 236HS (gives enemy an Afro on successful throw)
  • Love - j.236P
  • Scarecrow - 214P or 214K or 214S
  • Bone-Crushing Excitement (Overdrive Super) - 632146HS
  • W-W-What Could This Be? (Overdrive Item Throw Super) - 236236P
  • W-W-W-W-W-W-W-W-W-What Could This Be? (Overdrive Item Throw Super 100 Tension version) - 236236236P
Faust in Guilty Gear Strive
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Faust Beginners Guide

For starters, Faust does not get to have fun with his silly tools from the get-go. In Guilty Gear Strive, his unorthodox attacks needs the enemy to get knocked down first if Faust wants to do it uninterrupted. Using his special moves raw in neutral will leave have large openings during its startup animation and none of his specials are reliable to give him enough pressure to work with.

To set this up, players will need to use Faust's far reaching normals to setup pressure and stop enemy attacks from reaching him. At far ranges, Faust can setup the knockdown with one good interrupt. However, be careful with his normals as they're slower than most normals and will struggle against most of the cast. If they do get close, try to grab them or anti-air them out of the sky if they to avoid the throw.

Faust in Guilty Gear Strive
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Faust Tips To Get Better

In order to get used to Faust, beginner players must embrace his unreliable and unexpected tools in the game. His item throws do not have any order and truly come out at random. Whatever the item comes, Faust players must know how to approach and punish the foe when also trying to process the item throw. Some of Faust's items such as the banana, donut, bomb, trumpet, and afro, can be used against him.

Most Faust players have to rely on using these inconsistent tools effectively and taking advantage of the scramble situations that result from the chaos he hopefully generates.

Lastly, be unpredictable and comfortable with taking risks as Faust. This character benefits from putting enemies in unusual situations and taking risky, unpredictable decisions can help make this happen. Always make sure that you have the upper hand.

Faust in Guilty Gear Strive
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Best Faust Combos

Unlike other characters, Faust's attacks are also unreliable and may not lead to good knockdown situations where he can use items or pressure the enemy further. Nevertheless, he must work with his normal attacks and deny the enemy advance. Here are some beginners to help you get started

  • 5K>2D>236P
  • 2K>2D>236P
  • Close S>Far S>2HS
  • Close S>Far S>5HS>HS>236P
  • Anti Air 6P>236P
  • Counterhit 6HS>41236K>4>HS

These combos do not hit hard but will be enough to get Faust started with item pressure. Some items may work not in Faust's favor as it can buff or even provide an opening for your opponent. Nevertheless, accept the risk and fight with whatever you can.

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