Guilty Gear Strive's 3rd DLC Character, Happy Chaos, Crashes the Party Late November

Arc System Works has revealed that Guilty Gear Strive's third DLC character is Happy Chaos. Showcasing several moves and attacks in a new trailer, this freshly introduced villain utilises magic and dual pistols.

During the Red Bull Kumite Las Vegas tournament for Guilty Gear Strive, this DLC reveal happened before the Grand Finals match between Gobou and Diaphone. According to the trailer, Happy Chaos arrives in early access on November 30th for Season Pass holders, getting a wider launch on December 3rd.

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Guilty Gear Strive's 3rd DLC Character, Happy Chaos, Crashes the Party Late November

Within Strive's story, Happy Chaos is a villain helping I-no to succeed in her goals to reset the world, letting her reunite with someone in her memories. Happy Chaos offers transportation in form of a fancy car materialized using magic, fending off anybody trying to stop I-no with his command of magic and firearms.

Later in the story, Asuka R. Kreutz explains that Happy Chaos was his mentor for magic that went mad after trying to contain I-no's time travelling powers inside him. Ever since, this mentor became Happy Chaos, a neutral force of nature who goes for drastic decisions and exciting drama written in the annals of history.

As seen above, Happy Chaos has a unusual fighting style, using his pistols to blast foes with bullets while conjuring copies of himself as cover to avoid hits. His command list hasn't been revealed, but that'll likely be shown in the upcoming weeks before his release.

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