How to get Spark of Ingenuity in WoW Dragonflight

picture of the bronze enclave in wow dragonflight

picture of the bronze enclave in wow dragonflight

Are you looking to find Spark of Ingenuity in World of Warcraft Dragonflight? With the new expansion and the revamped crafting system, players will need to gather more specific crafting materials to create their end game pieces of gear.

Players will unlock the ability to get Spark of Ingenuity after completing the campaign missions in Valdrakken, but finding them can be a chore, but luckily we have the details on how to get them.

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What is Spark of Ingenuity used for?

Spark of Ingenuity is an epic level crafting material that's used to create some of the game's currently end game material, being used to craft 350 item level gear. This is going to be used in tandem with a bunch of different crafting mats that you'll find around the world.

How do I get Spark of Ingenuity?

In order to get your first Spark of Ingenuity, as we mentioned you'll need to complete the campaign. After picking up the few "campaign" quests after unlocking adventure mode, head to the Bronze Enclave in Valdrakken and complete the quest to empower the statute. Afterwards, you'll head into the Azure Span. Complete the Challenge of Tyr, and head back to the Bronze Enclave. Claim your Bottle Essence, and pick up your Spark.

How do I get more Spark of Ingenuity?

In order to get more Spark of Ingenuity, you'll need to complete more Challenges of Tyr. These will unlock in the coming weeks of the expansion, ever few weeks. You'll most likely end up having to come back to the Bronze Enclave to start those quests, but then you'll perform a similar process.

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