WoW WotLK healer tier list - best healer in WotLK Classic

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A healer in WotLK Classic.
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Whether you entered Northrend at its peak or are foaming at the mouth to experience the high point of the MMO, our WoW WotLK healer tier list will make sure you're running the right class and build for the job at hand. Healing may be a thankless job at times, but playing it right can avoid the misery of letting the team wipe.

Down below, we're going to do our best to grade each World of Warcraft WotLK healer, denote their strengths and weaknesses, go over some relatively simple build ideas, and basically do what we can to get you off on the right foot.


For more Wrath of the Lich King content, stick around. We're going to have guides galore by the time the full release rears its head. Until then, we'll be focusing on pre-patch goodness - like how to make a Death Knight you can level long before Northrend opens up.

WoW WotLK healer tier list - best healers for PVE and raids

Tier Class
APriest (Holy)
BDruid, Priest (Disc)

It's a pretty basic look at things, but Paladins easily outrank the rest in the WotLK healer tier list. Their naturally higher endurance mixed with their stellar tank healing make them invaluable to a team whether it's a 10/24-man raid or a dungeon run.


If you're looking for a more traditional healer with plenty of options, Holy Priest is the way forward. Discipline Priests have their place, but they're primarily used for shields in larger raid groups, do only expect to get a priority pick there.

Druids, while incredibly fun thanks to their heal-over-time effects and stacking skills, only really stand out as raid-wide healers. They're great in raids, but they're never absolutely essential and will generally but the last healers of the lot to roll on any big gear upgrades, so take that into consideration.

And though it's a little hard to say they're bottom of the barrel, Shaman healers aren't particularly strong in Wrath of the Lich king. Their chain heal can make dungeon runs fairly trivial, and they're certainly easy to level up like a Paladin, but their attempt to be a jack of all trades means they struggle to really stand out at times.

A Paladin running away from hostile enemies in World of Warcarft.

WoW WotLK healer tier list - best healers for PVP arenas and battlegrounds

Tier Class
APriest (Disc)
BPriest (Holy). Shaman

If you're brave (and considerate) enough to take the healer role in PVP, you'll probably still do well by picking the Paladin here.

The build itself is debatable, but you likely won't want to go all-in on Holy for this, instead finding a sweet stop with the healing and mana management of one and the endurance of another. With a good bubble, stun, and potent heals, you'll annoy the team in more ways than one.


Further down the list, things reverse a little over the PVE WotLK healer tier list. The resto Druid (or some variation of it) won't fare so well without impeccable micro-management, leaving the Disc Priest somewhere in between as a healer and crowd-control king.

Holy Priest and Shaman sit just above Druid as relatively solid options that just need a strong strategy and rock-solid synergy to really shine.

And that's all there is to say on that right now. We'll dish out some talent trees and other points closer to the time. For now, though, just consider the words above before deciding on a class. Levelling takes a long time, after all. In the end, though, you really should just focus on playing whichever class you find to be the most fun. Anything else should come after.


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