Wild Hearts endgame content - Post game content and what to do after the main story

A close up of a Ferocious Kemono in Wild Hearts to illustrate the end game content cycle.

A close up of a Ferocious Kemono in Wild Hearts to illustrate the end game content cycle.

Wild Hearts endgame content is as predictable as just about any 'hunter' game out there. So if there's lingering concern that you'll quickly run out of reasons to play once the main story wraps up, we're here to set the record straight and guide you on the right path. There's a lot to do, and more on the way.

Whether you're B-lining it to the finish line to make a start on the presumed endgame grind or taking it easy and simply enjoying the story, there's a lot to learn about how the Wild Hearts post-game content plays out. And if you like what similar games have done in the past, you'll like what's going on here. Just don't expect quite so much.

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Wild Hearts end game content - What's the Wild Hearts post game like?

Post-game content in Wild Hearts consists of largely what you'd expect - more reasons to hunt Kemono.

This action RPG lives and dies by the challenge of tackling big monsters, and by offering altered and higher-tuned versions of the beasts you fought in the main story give you a reason to keep grinding for gear and weapons you'll need to take them on.

How to unlock Volatile Kemono in Wild Hearts

The first of many Wild Hearts endgame challenges you'll want to tackle is the rise of the Volatile Kemono. Supposedly versions of familiar creatures that have taken in a little to much Celestial Thread, these 'berzerk' monsters are sure to have a few new tricks up their fleshy sleeves, so you'll need some tougher equipment to reliably take them on.

Beating Volatile Kemono will reward you with not only a few unique crafting materials to help you get stronger, but mysterious Keystones, too.

Deeply Volatile Kemono

After defeating a Volatile Kemono and collecting enough Keystones, you'll be able to challenge even more powerful versions of the beasts to a great battle.

Deeply Volatile Kemono award incredibly powerful talismans when they fall, giving you a chance to equip new abilities and passive boosts. Expect to repeat this step a lot to get what you need for your perfect build.

A Ferocious Kemono in Wild Hearts.
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What is the Wild Hearts endgame route?

So what does the Wild Hearts endgame path look like right now? It's pretty simple.

  • Challenge Volatile Kemono
  • Loot Keystones
  • Use Keystones to challenge Deeply Volatile Kemono
  • Loot talismans
  • Repeat

Between Volatile Kemono and Deeply Volatile Kemono, expect to farm specific creatures to build armour sets and weapons that make fighting each target a little faster and easier.

Wild Hearts end game content updates

Wild Hearts is set to get a plethora of post-launch support updates, fleshing out the game's end-game offerings even more. Here's what's coming so far;


  • Hellfire Laharback (Deeply Volatile Kemono)
    • Comes with a new quest and talisman.
  • Grimstalker (Kemono)
    • Comes with a new quest, themed weapons, and armour types
  • New high-difficulty quests.
  • New emote.
  • New chat stamp.

And that's your lot. Unless we're made aware of what's coming with Wild Hearts update 2, the endgame situation looks like it involves the tuned versions of monsters we've fought before, with some new faces joining for the first post-release update. You can read a bit more about it in EA's official primer on the subject.

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