Warzone Season 5 battle pass: Price, tiers, and rewards

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Image showing Warzone operators holding gun
Credit: Activision
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The launch of a new Warzone season also means the arrival of a brand-new battle pass. The Warzone Season 5 battle pass will feature 100 tiers of brand-new content that includes the EX1 energy rifle and the RA225 submachine gun.

Season 5 of the battle royale will be the final season of the Pacific era before attention turns to the launch of Warzone 2 which will act as a clean slate for the game. Before that, the Season 5 roadmap promises to act as the perfect send-off to Caldera.


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What's in the Warzone Season 5 battle pass?

Just like the previous seasons of content, the Season 5 battle pass contains two new guns, and a new playable Operator to unlock. As these items make up three of the 100 tiers, there's a range of cosmetic items and Double XP tokens up for grabs. Here's an outline of the main content:

As always, Menendez is available at tier 0 of the battle pass while the two guns appear at either tier 15 or tier 31.

Warzone Season 5 battle pass blueprints

In addition to the cosmetic items and XP tokens, a selection of weapon blueprints will also arrive in the battle pass.


Thanks to the Call of Duty blog, there is a wide range of colourful weapon blueprints to unlock by working your way through the tiers. Here are just a few that are available:

  • Supercritical (Tier 5)
  • Tigris Imperial (Tier 27)
  • Pink Cackle (Tier 42)
  • World Traveler (Tier 65)
  • Inter Spectrum (Tier 95)
Image showing blueprints from the Warzone and Vanguard Season 5 battle pass
Credit: Activision

How much is the Warzone Season 5 battle pass?

Although Activision hasn't revealed the price of the Warzone Season 5 battle pass, we can determine how many COD Points you'll have to spend once the new season begins. The standard battle pass costs 1100 COD Points.

If you want a head start on the opposition, the premium battle pass bundle costs 2400 COD Points. The premium bundle includes 25 tier skips which means you can access one of the two new guns in an instant.

Image showing Warzone player using akimbo weapons
Credit: Activision

Warzone Season 5 start date

Season 5 of Warzone will begin on August 24, 2022. The final season of the Pacific era starts at 5PM BST which is ideal for those wanting to drop into the action as soon as possible.

Is the Warzone Season 5 battle pass worth it?

If you want to get your hands on the new guns, there's no need to spend any COD Points as they're included in the free tiers. However, if you want all of the tokens and cosmetic items in the rest of the battle pass, it's certainly worth spending some COD Points.

That's everything there is to know about the Warzone Season 5 battle pass. Once we hear more about the rewards making their way into the game, we will update the article with the latest intel.

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