Warzone ranked play reset - How does it work?

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Screenshot of Warzone players dropping into Vondel map from above
Credit: Activision

With Season 3 of Warzone coming to a close, a Warzone ranked play reset will take place in order to level the playing field for a brand-new season.

Season 4 for Call of Duty's battle royale is here and alongside the arrival of the Vondel map and a brand-new battle pass, the update marks the first full season of ranked action. With the arrival of the ISO 45 and the Tempus Razorback, there's also a high chance of the competitive meta changing.

Before we reveal more about the Warzone ranked reset, take a look at our guides highlighting the best ranked play loadouts and when the next double XP event takes place.

What is a Warzone ranked play reset?

A Warzone ranked reset is designed to ensure the satisfaction of grinding through the ladders never runs out. Taking place at the start of every season, the ranks and skill divisions of all players will drop depending on where you finished the previous season.

Here's a closer look at the Warzone ranked reset for all skill divisions:

  • Bronze -> Bronze 1
  • Silver -> Bronze 1
  • Gold -> Silver 1
  • Platinum -> Gold 1
  • Diamond -> Platinum 1
  • Crimson -> Diamond 1
  • Iridescent -> Diamond 1
  • Top 250 -> Diamond 1

All skill divisions up to Crimson will be pushed back one skill division while those that managed to place in Iridescent or higher will start Season 4 in the top tier of Diamond. In short, the Warzone ranked reset is determined by your final placement for the season.

Screenshot of Warzone player moving near downed opponent with sunlight streaming through windows of a building
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Credit: Activision

Warzone demotion protection explained

Once the ranked reset has taken place, you'll notice demotion protection is active. For the first three matches of the new season, this will ensure you don't drop further down the ranks as you get to grips with the game once again.

Overall, the ranked reset and the demotion protection are great ways to keep you dropping into Al Mazrah to earn SR and all of the rewards that come with a high placement.


That's all there is to know about the Warzone ranked play reset taking place in Season 4. For more, don't forget to check out our guides highlighting the best AR and all there is to know about the best ranked play loadouts.

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