Warzone Modern Warfare 3 integration - When is it happening?

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Modern Warfare 3 player inspecting weapon
Credit: Activision

Wondering when the Warzone Modern Warfare 3 integration takes place? We've got you covered. The build-up to the launch of Modern Warfare 3 is now underway and Warzone players are starting to wonder what's next for Call of Duty's battle royale.

Another annual release means another batch of content is making its way into Warzone, much to the excitement of players. Integrations mean plenty of new weapons to master and a drastic change in the existing meta.

Before we reveal more about Warzone Modern Warfare 3 integration, take a look at our guides showcasing the rumoured Modern Warfare 3 gun list and the Perks expected to join the Warzone arsenal.

When is Warzone Modern Warfare 3 integration?

Sledgehammer Games and Raven Software have revealed Warzone Modern Warfare 3 integration will take place at the start of the first Modern Warfare 3 season.

Although there's no official word on the start date for the first seasonal update of the next cycle, an Insider Gaming report claims Season 1 will begin on December 5, 2023.

Of course, it's important to take leaks with a pinch of salt until Activision is ready to share more information on the Warzone Modern Warfare 3 integration. As soon as an official date appears, we'll update the guide with everything you need to know.

Modern Warfare 3 player aiming with shotgun and player vaulting over wall
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Credit: Activision

Alongside the entire Modern Warfare 3 weapon arsenal, the integration between Modern Warfare 3 and Warzone will also see the arrival of the heavily-rumoured Las Almas map.

If leaks are to be believed, the map will contain a number of classic Call of Duty maps as points of interest. So far, the likes of Countdown from Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare and Overwatch from 2011's Modern Warfare 3 are rumoured to appear.

There you have it, that's all there is to know about the Warzone Modern Warfare 3 integration so far. For more Call of Duty, take a look at our guides showcasing the best Warzone AR and how to transfer Modern Warfare 2 skins to Modern Warfare 3.

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