Warzone Error 5476: How to Fix on PC, PlayStation, and Xbox

Image showing Warzone player fighting zombies in Rebirth Island
Credit: Activision

Image showing Warzone player fighting zombies in Rebirth Island
Credit: Activision

Encountering an error in Warzone is hugely frustrating, especially when the error prevents you from dropping onto Caldera, Fortune's Keep and Rebirth Island. Season 4 Reloaded is now underway and as players continue to master the Vargo S assault rifle, many are unable to play thanks to error 5476.

This particular error code has appeared following the mid-season update much to the annoyance of players wanting to see the Fortune's Keep map changes in action.

But before some can do that, many are wondering how to fix Warzone error 5476 so they can drop into matches without the error holding them back. Before we share how to fix error 5476 in Warzone, don't forget to check out the best Warzone guns to use once you manage to fix your copy of the game.

How to Fix Warzone Error 5476

There are numerous reasons why error 5476 prevents you from loading into a match. Some players are reporting random Calling Cards and Emblems are to blame while others claim cross-play matchmaking is responsible.

In other scenarios, corrupted files are the cause of the issue. Thankfully, there are plenty of workarounds for you to try before having to wait on Raven Software to apply a patch.

PlayStation and Xbox

The easiest workaround is to check for any updates. Typically, they should begin automatically but if not, you can select the game tile and manually check to see if there's any download preventing you from playing.

Alternatively, performing a hard reset can sometimes remove the error. Here's how to do a hard reset for Xbox and PlayStation:

  1. Hold down the power buttons until the console completely shuts down.
  2. Let go of the power button and unplug the power cable from the console.
  3. Wait at least five minutes and plug the power cable back in
  4. Turn on the console.
Image showing armoured SUV in Call of Duty Warzone
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Credit: Activision

Deselect Random Calling Card and Emblem

Warzone allows players to randomise their Calling Card and Emblem and as it's one potential cause of error 5476, here's how to de-randomise the option:

  1. Open Warzone and head to the Barracks tab.
  2. Check your emblem isn't set to "Randomized." If it is, change it to any other category.
  3. Check your Calling Card isn't randomised.
  4. Once done, head back to the main lobby and see if you can join a match without the error code appearing.

Reinstall Warzone

This particular workaround is a last resort so only perform this if you've tried all other options in the guide. Here's how to uninstall and reinstall Warzone:

  1. Select the game on Battle.net or the console dashboard then select uninstall.
  2. Head into the console store or Battle.net and select the install option.
  3. Once it's finished downloading, log into the game and see if the error still appears.

That's how to fix Warzone error 5476. If it still appears, it's best to wait on Raven Software to apply a fix to the game. In the meantime, check out our other guide showcasing the best Warzone sniper rifle to use in Season 4 Reloaded.

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