Warzone 2 third person - tips and tricks

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With the launch of Warzone 2, we're now finally able to jump into the new map, Al-Mazrah. While we're used to the typical first person versions of Call of Duty, we have something new this time around, Warzone 2 third person!

We're going to go through what this mode is, and give you some tips and tricks to take on this brand new mode with ease.

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What is Warzone 2 third person?

If you're familiar with Warzone and Call of Duty in general, then you're used to seeing the game from a first person perspective. Well, with Modern Warfare 2 and Warzone 2, we now have a third person perspective mode. This is very similar to PUBG or Fortnite, where the camera is over the shoulder of your character. This allows you to spin your camera around to see your surroundings.

Movement is the same as in first person, but you'll see your character. If you aim down sights though, you will be able to go into a first person view.

Warzone 2 third person tips and tricks

There's a few tips and tricks that we can offer you as you head into Warzone 2 third person. This mostly comes down to camera positioning tricks.

  • Leverage your free roam camera. As you're moving from place to place, use your camera to be able to scope out surroundings. You might just spot some enemies.
  • Play your angles. When you're challenging someone with an obstacle in the way, such as a window, a door or a wall, use your camera to get an angle at their position and movements.
  • Play Height. This is definitely a tip that can be applied to both first person and third person, but playing against your opponents when you have a height advantage is very important. You'll have better vision overall, and can use your height to take cover if need be.

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