Best field upgrades in Warzone 2

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Now that Warzone 2 is finally out, we finally get a new suite of items and guns to mess around with in Al-Mazrah! Some of the most impactful items we can find though, are field upgrades. But what are the best field upgrades in Warzone 2?

In Warzone 1, field upgrades like Dead Silence, Stopping Power and Trophy systems were among the most used and most powerful, but what about now? Well, our field upgrade tier list will let you know which ones you should be picking up, and which you want to leave on the ground.

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Best field upgrades in Warzone 2

Tier Field Upgrade
SDead Silence, Revive Pistol, Munitions Box, Armor Box
ATrophy System, Portable Radar
BRecon Drone
CDDOS, Deployable Cover, Suppression Mine, Battle Rage
DInflatable Decoy

Now not all field upgrades that are in Modern Warfare 2 make an appearance in Warzone 2, but a lot of our favorites do return. Kicking off the S tier, we have quite a few good ones here. Dead Silence is back and it's quite good. Armor and Ammo boxes also are back. Given that the landscape of looting in Warzone 2 does exhibit some scarcity depending on where you land, having these in your back pocket is great for longer sustained fights. Rounding out this tier is the Revive Pistol, which lets you revive a downed ally from a far.

In the A tier, we have the Trophy System and Portable Radar. The Trophy system is still very powerful, but it's much larger in size in Warzone 2, so it's far easier to shoot it down. Portable Radars are fantastic field upgrades, as they can reveal enemies in a small area. This is especially useful for tight quarters like buildings. Also given how limited UAV's are in this game, these are definitely nice to have.

In the B tier, we have one entry, the Recon Drone. Warzone 2 is a much slower pacing than Warzone 1, so it is possible to find yourself holed up in a building and in need of some recon.

In C tier, we have a few entries. The DDOS upgrade will disrupt enemy electronic devices. While this is useful, it's probably not going to come in nearly as much of use. Suppression mines are also very similar, in that they disrupt your opponents, but this you can also run into, and it's rather annoying.

Deployable cover has always been rather mediocre, and it's the same thing here. It can be used in tactical situations, but typically, it's only going to provide a minor benefit. Finally Battle Rage is next, and while this may not stay here on this list, it's new and so there hasn't been too much experimentation with it. It seems rather strong, almost giving you battle hardened and a refreshed tactical sprint, we just aren't 100% sure how useful it'll be in Warzone 2.


Rounding out the list on the D tier is the Inflatable Decoy. For most players, this is a meme items. You could pick up a bunch of these and camp a room and surprise someone for a quick kill, but once they're gone, they're gone.

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