Warzone 2 Revive Pistol guide - where to find it and how to use it

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Warzone 2 has finally arrived, and with it comes a ton of new places to explore, guns to shoot and loot to find. Included in Warzone 2 is a host of brand new field upgrades. One of the most interesting and powerful ones is the Revive Pistol.

The Revive Pistol can be found throughout the nooks and crannies of Al-Mazrah. This guide will cover where you can locate it, and more importantly how to use it effectively.

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What is the Revive Pistol in Warzone 2?

As mentioned above, the Revive Pistol is a brand new field upgrade that's in Warzone 2. It's Infinity Ward's quality of life feature to improve reviving your teammates. No longer do you have to sit still, huddled over your downed teammates who peaked an enemy one too many times.

Where do I find a Revive Pistol in Warzone 2?

Revive Pistols can be found in a ton of different places across Al-Mazrah. Primarily, they have a chance to spawn in medicine cabinets. These medicine cabinets are generally found in the bathrooms of many normal buildings across the map. You can also find them in larger medical buildings in bigger cities.

Another other place that you can get them is at buy stations. Though they are limited in number there, but can be handy to pick up if you have some spare cash. They also can come out of caches in Strongholds and Black sites if your team is looking to take those on as well.

How do I use a Revive Pistol?

Using a revive pistol is rather simple. There's also a couple of ways to use it as well. First off, revive pistols have four total charges of use. If you want to revive a downed teammate, hit your field upgrade button to pull out the pistol, and shoot your teammate with it. This will start an auto revive process, allowing you to move around while they're getting up.

The secondary use for the revive pistol is that of a self revive. But if you have to use the revive pistol on yourself, it will take up all four charges. If you've used a pistol to revive a teammate, then the self revive functionality will not work for you.

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