How to interrogate in Warzone 2

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Interrogating a downed player in Warzone 2.

At a loss as to how to interrogate in Warzone 2? It's one of those things you won't want to try in case you get it wrong in the heat of the moment. To help, we've outlined exactly how it's done so that you can feel better about taking the risk to get that sweet intel.

The sequel to the smash-hit (and free) Battle Royale title is finally here, and Warzone 2 is set to be around for a good long while. If you're planning to stick with it, you'll want to know how to use one of its new features to get something out of the players you knock down in your next match.


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How to interrogate in Warzone 2

When you've knocked a player in Warzone 2, there isn't just the option to execute them on the spot any more. Save picking them up and lugging them to another location, you can interrogate them instead.


This obviously takes quite a bit longer than a final bullet to the skull, but with high risk comes high reward.

If you want to take the fantasy to another level, you can transport the downed foe to a remote location and have your squadmates guard the door like goons. Just make sure they don't bleed out in the process.

What does interrogating do in Warzone 2?

If you take the time to shake down and interrogate a knocked player in Warzone 2, you'll learn the exact whereabouts of their entire squad.

Obviously, you won't want to do this if you're certain they're nearby - as an interrogated player can flag themselves on the maps of their squadmates, giving you away - but punishing a lone wolf by having them rat out their own team can both help your own and teach them a valuable lesson at the same time.

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