Is Warzone 2 free to play?

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Credit: Activision
February 8, 2023: Ahead of Season Two, Warzone 2 is completely free to play.

Is Warzone 2 free to play? That's a question on the minds of several players preparing to drop into Call of Duty's latest battle royale title. The game features a brand-new arsenal to master alongside a new map packed with new areas to explore.

The trend of free-to-play games continues to prove popular. The first iteration of Warzone didn't require any money to play and is arguably the most successful Call of Duty title in the history of the franchise.

Before we reveal more intel on if Warzone 2 is free-to-play, check out our guides highlighting the best Warzone 2 guns that have a high chance of proving popular when the battle royale launches.

Will Warzone 2 be free-to-play?

Activision has confirmed Warzone 2 is free-to-play for all players wanting to experience the battle royale. Players won't need to spend any money to drop into the action.

Just like its predecessor, Warzone 2 is a live service title containing options ranging from a paid battle pass and various cosmetic items players can purchase through the in-game store.

Does Warzone 2 require PlayStation Plus or Xbox Live?

Alongside the PC version of the game, Warzone 2 is available on Xbox and PlayStation consoles. Just like the first Warzone, console players will not need Xbox Live or PlayStation Plus to enjoy the battle royale, making it completely free.

The decision to remove subscription requirements makes a lot of sense for Warzone 2. PC players don't need to subscribe to play and neither should console users.

Warzone 2 menu screen
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Credit: Screengrab via Activision

Is Warzone 2 pay to win?

The first version of Warzone contained numerous weapon blueprints and some players claim some of them were pay-to-win. Some had attachment combinations impossible for players to create if they didn't pay for a specific bundle.

Warzone 2 is not a pay-to-win title meaning any blueprint doesn't feature any kind of damage improvements. This is great news for those hoping for a level playing field when landing on Al Mazrah for the very first time.

Warzone 2 release date

Warzone 2 launches on PC, Xbox, and PlayStation on November 16, 2022. Alongside the launch of the battle royale, the date also marks the start of Season 1 meaning players can get their hands on the new battle pass and numerous cosmetic bundles as soon as the game launches.

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