How to check Warzone 2 KD, wins, and combat record

Warzone 2 players in boat
Credit: Activision

Warzone 2 players in boat
Credit: Activision
December 14, 2022: Season One Reloaded starts today and if you're hoping for a combat record, it's bad news. Infinity Ward has indefinitely delayed the release of the feature.

As players continue to drop into Warzone 2, many are wondering how to check Warzone 2 KD. Many players use their KD ratio to compare and contrast their performance against other players and thanks to the overly complex user interface, it's tricky to find the stats many want to see.

The sequel to the first Warzone is proving extremely popular. The new map features numerous points of interest to explore in addition to a huge weapon arsenal to master. As always, the meta often dictates which are the best guns to use in order to bolster KD ratios.

Before we reveal how to check Warzone 2 KD, take a look at our other guides highlighting the Warzone 2 meta and all there is to know about the best Warzone 2 sniper rifle.

How to check Warzone 2 KD

At the time of writing, there is no way of checking your Warzone 2 KD as the battle royale doesn't feature a combat record. With Infinity Ward recently adding a stat checker to Modern Warfare 2 multiplayer, there's a high chance one will appear in the battle royale in the not-too-distant future.

Although the Warzone 2 combat record isn't available yet, these are the steps you'll need to follow once it appears:

  • Launch Warzone 2 and head to the main menu.
  • Press the Options button and select the 'Stats' tab.
  • Once there, you'll find a battle royale option. Click on the button to access your stats.

Thankfully, there's another way to check stats. Call of Duty stats website CODTracker says it will feature Warzone 2 stats for players "before the end of the year" which is great news for those wanting to see their in-game performances.

Warzone 2 vehicles
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Credit: Activision

How to check Warzone 2 stats

Like checking your Warzone 2 KD, taking a look at other in-game stats is currently impossible. Once the combat record appears, expect options showcasing your favourite weapons, the number of kills scored with specific guns, and more stats breaking down your games on Al Mazrah.

Can you check Warzone 2 wins?

There's no way to see how many Warzone 2 wins you've amassed on Al Mazrah. The lack of combat record is hugely frustrating but with Infinity Ward applying regular updates to Warzone 2, it won't be long before one appears.

Warzone 2 players near exit ramp
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Credit: Activision

Warzone 2 combat record release date

The demand for a Warzone 2 combat record is there. Considering Infinity Ward has already added one to Modern Warfare 2, the chances of the feature arriving in the battle royale are high.

The Season One Reloaded update isn't far away and we expect it to arrive alongside the second content drop of the season. The mid-season update is scheduled to go live on December 14.

That's everything there is to know about checking Warzone 2 KD and stats. For more, check out our guides showcasing the best Warzone 2 sniper rifle and all there is to know about the Warzone 2 revive pistol.

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