Does Warzone have anti-cheat?

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Warzone 2 players fighting in building
Credit: Activision
November 21, 2023: Season 6 Reloaded is in full swing and we've got everything you need to know about Warzone anti-cheat in our guide.

Does Warzone have anti-cheat? That's a question on the minds of Warzone fans before they drop into the action over the course of Season 6 Reloaded. Running into a hacker is never an enjoyable experience but the team behind Call of Duty's battle royale is constantly introducing new methods to combat cheaters.

Sometimes, hackers slip through the net which is particularly annoying when attempting to decipher the latest weapon buffs and nerfs, but that doesn't mean Warzone anti-cheat isn't working.

Before we share all the intel on whether Warzone has anti-cheat, check out our guides showcasing the best guns to use along with information on when the next double XP event is taking place.

Does Warzone 2 have anti-cheat

Activision confirms Warzone 2 does contain anti-cheat. So, if you do encounter a hacker, make sure you use the game's reporting system to stop them from offending once and for all.

Season 4 has seen more cheaters due to some providers offering free access. Despite this, the anti-cheat is still managing to stop most from impacting the action.

The publisher promises Ricochet features "more protection" in the form of "better detection capabilities, additional access to develop and deploy new mitigation techniques" ensuring the anti-cheat is capable of detecting all kinds of cheats as the cycle progresses.

Additionally, the publisher recently announced a wave of bans, getting rid of 1500 accounts that were suspected of hacking so Warzone 2 anti-cheat is continuing to catch people out.

Warzone 2 anti-cheat features

All of the features from the first Warzone's anti-cheat make their way into Warzone 2. Methods of punishment include disarming any players suspected of cheating in addition to huge nerfs leaving them incapable of dealing any damage.

Methods of action range from turning legitimate players invisible to completely disarming hackers so they're unable to shoot you. The methods are definitely effective but there are still cheaters managing to avoid detection.

Warzone 2 player taking cover behind concrete
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Credit: Activision

Is Warzone 2 anti-cheat good?

Considering the introduction of Ricochet managed to reduce the number of Warzone hackers massively, there's a high chance it will prove effective in Warzone 2. The possibility of a few hackers slipping through the net is always there but if the improved anti-cheat can keep most of them at bay, there won't be many cheaters trying to ruin matches for others.

Obviously, the effectiveness of Warzone 2 anti-cheat is constantly debated among players but most of the time, Ricochet manages to keep most hackers out.

Warzone 2 Season 5 Reloaded release date

Season 5 Reloaded for Warzone is expected to begin on August 30, 2023, and there's every chance the update features more anti-cheat measures.

In addition to all of the new content, many are hoping Ricochet works as intended as millions of players drop into Al Mazrah, Ashika Island, and Vondel.

That's all there is to know about Warzone 2 anti-cheat so far. Now you know Ricochet is active as soon as the game launches, check out our guides containing intel on the best Warzone 2 AR and all there is to know about the next double XP event.

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