Victoria 3 explosives - How to get and use

The map in Victoria 3 showing the coast of Liberia.

The map in Victoria 3 showing the coast of Liberia.

Victoria 3 explosives are one of the most important industrial goods in the game. They are highly requested on the market, making them perfect for exporting. Most people think that they are solely produced in chemical plants and buildings. Fortunately, there are various other ways of obtaining explosives in Victoria 3.

In this guide, you will discover everything you need to know about explosives in Victoria 3. There are also helpful tips for managing your explosives, and advice on how you can use them effectively.

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How to get explosives in Victoria 3

In Victoria 3, explosives fall into the category of industrial goods. They are raw resources, and the primary purpose of explosives is to be converted into more profitable goods. As with any industrial goods, there are many ways to get explosives in Victoria 3. So, let’s get started with the first way!


The Leblanc process is the perfect way to convert your coal into explosives. This way, you can produce 40 units of explosives by converting 30 Coal and 30 Fertilisers. Moreover, it can be easily made even when you are AFK.


The second way to produce explosives in Victoria 3 is by using Sulfur. This process is called Ammonia-soda and requires three materials: Sulfur, Fertilisers, and Coal. 30 units of Coals, Sulfur, and Fertilisers can be easily converted into 80 units of explosives.

Vacuum Evaporation

Vacuum Evaporation is the only way to produce explosives that use dynamite technology. The disadvantage is that it requires research. Using Vacuum Evaporation, you can make 140 explosives using 60 units of Sulfur and Fertiliser and 30 units of Coal.

Brine Electrolysis

Brine Electrolysis is the last direct way to obtain explosives in Victoria 3. The disadvantage is that this method requires unlocking Electrical Capacitors, which are available only in the game’s later stages. Also, this way does not require Coal and Fertiliser. Brine Electrolysis uses 30 units of Electricity and 40 units of Sulfur to produce 200 explosives.

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The last way to get explosives in Victoria 3 is by importing them. This way will save you time and the additional hassle of getting resources. But you must remember that explosives are a costly product. Therefore, importing high explosives will put significant pressure on your economy.

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How to use explosives in Victoria 3

Fortunately, explosives in Victoria 3 are used just like in real life. You will be using them mainly to extract raw materials. For example, you will use explosives to get Coal, Iron, Lead, and Sulphur. Moreover, explosives have a significant price on the international market. So, you can export them and get a lot of money.

Also, explosives are widely used in the military sector. They are one of the main components of ammunition, and are used for crafting it. To be sure, winning a war without a significant number of explosives is impossible.

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