Best Jackbox games - Our top picks

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Three icons from various Jackbox games.

The Jackbox series is one of the most recognisable groups of party games out there. Some of the games are sold separately, but the majority are sold in party packs, meaning you’ll get a selection of them to try out.

However, some of these games have found more love from the audience than others. That’s not to say that the others are bad, of course, as each of them have been lovingly crafted to bring a unique and funny experience. That being said, this list has been made to showcase the very best Jackbox games to play with your friends.

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Here are the best Jackbox games


The question, 'A Swedish man who works as a dishwasher receives disability benefit due to his unusual addiction to' and then a variety of answers.
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+ 8

Found in Jackbox Party Packs: 1, 2 and 4

Best Version: Fibbage 2

Fibbage is one of the most iconic games in the Jackbox repertoire. The premise is simple: the group is given a sentence with a word missing, and you have to guess what that word could be.

But you shouldn’t just write anything - you have to be devious about it, because you get points if people vote for your answer in the next round, thinking it’s the real answer. If treading the line between realism and absurdism to fool your friends isn’t your strong point, then don’t worry! You can also get awarded for the funniest answers too.

Tee K.O.

Two T-shirts, each with abominations on them. The left one has the slogan, 'I'm a cutie', while the other has 'Shake it, don't break it'
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+ 8

Found in Jackbox Party Packs: 3

This game can seem confusing at first, but you really have to trust in the process. In the first round, you have to draw as many t-shirt designs as possible. With no specific prompts, you can really let your creative side shine. You’re also tasked with writing out as many slogans as possible.

Secondly, all of these get shuffled, and you get a random selection of them handed back to you. You then have to pair the slogans to the t-shirts to create the best combination. Finally, you all vote on which ones are your favourites. It can seem like a very drawn-out process, but with each round getting funnier and funnier as the concepts come together, it’s well worth it.


A drawing of a man eating a fish, with answers of what it should mean beside him.
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+ 8

Found in Jackbox Party Packs: 1, 8, and standalone

Best Version: Drawful 2

As one of the classics, it’s pretty much guaranteed that you’ve played a form of Drawful, even if you haven’t realised it. Everyone gets a prompt to draw (with customisable prompts being an option), with the drawings then shown to the group one by one.

As each one is revealed, everyone must write what they think the prompt is. Once they are all submitted and revealed, you have to try and decide which one the actual prompt is. It’s very funny, but don’t be put off if you can’t draw - that it only makes it funnier!


Image of the Quiplash game in Jackbox.
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+ 8

Found in Jackbox Party Packs: 2, 3, and 7

Best Version: Quiplash 2

This is a true battle of the wits. At the start of the game, you’ll get several prompts that you have to try and write an answer for. Not everyone has the same prompt, and you’ll be then up against the other person's answers.

The rest of the group will decide which of them is the funniest. It’s fast paced, simple to understand and a great way to find out who’s the comedian of your friendship group.

Fakin' It

Secret task #1: Raise your hand if you own a hockey jersey.
Secret task #2: Raise your hand if you've continued eating some food after finding hair in it.
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+ 8

Found in Jackbox Party Packs: 3

This one works best in person, but can just about be achieved if people have a webcam. In each round, people will get simple instructions on their phone, such as “Put your hand up if you’ve ever eaten your own hair before”.

However, one person will not have these instructions, and will have to try and blend in. It’s up to the players’ to question why everyone answered the way that they did, in order to try and find who’s Fakin’ It.

Trivia Murder Party

The players have to pick whether to enter the left or the right elevator. There is only one right choice.
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+ 8

Found in Jackbox Party Packs: 3 and 6

Best Version: Trivia Murder Party 2

A classic trivia game, but with the added bonus of killing your friends this time. If you answer the question correctly, then you’re one step further to escaping. If you get them wrong, then you’re sent to the Killing Floor.

Whoever is in the Killing Floor at the end of the round has to participate in a mini-game in order to try and survive. Should you fail the Killing Floor as well, then you’re turned into a ghost. Don’t despair too much, however, as the ghosts are still in the game, and with the right amount of tomfoolery in the last round, they can even win.



Three paintings, one of a tortoise, one of a buzz cut, and one of a weird hairstyle.
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+ 8

Found in Jackbox Party Packs: 2

In this game, the players are both the artists and the art critics. It starts off with a vague prompt that the players must draw two paintings for: one of which will be randomly deemed high value, and one that won’t.

Once they are all submitted, players will then receive hints about what kinds of things they should look out for, in order to deduce which of the paintings are the high value ones. Finally, they’ll get given some starting cash, and sent off to the auctions to try and earn the most money.

Mad Verse City

'Your raps are dying time to dig your own melted cheese
My raps cool your lines, much like a breeze
Did I break you yet? Should we call a killer?
To be honest, your lines feel like Naruto Filler.'
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+ 8

Found in Jackbox Party Packs: 5

A underrated pack, this one is often avoided because people feel like they can’t create good rap verses. Don't be afraid, for the game has already considered this, and removed all of the parts that would cause any anxiety. Instead, you’re simply given a prompt such as ‘famous celebrity’ or ‘food’ that you submit, which is made into the first line.

You then rhyme it with a second line, a process that you repeat until you have the full four verses. These are then performed by robots, which you can cheer or boo like a real audience. See, now that wasn’t so scary, was it?

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