Valorant TenZ crosshair and settings

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Tenz doing a peace sign, posing for a camera.
Credit: Riot Games
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A lot of big names are all around the Valorant scene. One of them is Tyson "TenZ" Ngo, former Counter-Strike professional player and now a Valorant world champion. If you want to emulate his style, here are the ideal Valorant TenZ crosshair and settings to use.

In his journey to becoming a Valorant champion, TenZ of course had to practice and train a lot for the game, which involved finding the best settings for his playing style. This guide will show you what crosshair and settings he uses to top the Valorant charts. You'll then be able to practice using his skills!


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Valorant TenZ crosshair and settings


Despite being one of the world's top-performing Valorant players, TenZ likes to keep it simple with his crosshair. There aren't any stylised lines or fancy shapes with this one, as he seems to use a standard cyan crosshair. Check out his settings below:

Crosshair option Setting
ColourCyan (#00FFFF)
Centre DotOn/1/1
Inner Lines1/3/2/0
Outer Lines0/0/0/0
Firing ErrorOff


As a pro player in the Valorant scene, TenZ uses the best of the best equipment and settings, which maximise his potential as a player. Currently, he uses a Finalmouse Starlight Pro. But at times, he also switches equipment and designed his own mouse for Finalmouse called TenZ x Finalmouse Starlight Pro.

His mouse settings consist of the following:

Mouse option Setting
In-game sensitivity0.346
Polling Rate1000
Scope Sensitivity M1
Windows Sensitivity6


For keybinds, TenZ also customises these in accordance with his comfort in playing and to maximise his skills. If you have a gaming mouse you can reprogram it to fit these keybinds, you'll be able to mirror TenZ's playing style and convenience.

Keybind option Setting
CrouchLeft Ctrl
WalkLeft Shift
JumpMouse wheel down
Ability 1C
Ability 2Mouse 4
Ability 3Mouse 5
Ultimate abilityF

Video settings

In terms of video settings, you may have to tweak these according to your set-up and preference. But this Valorant player likes to keep his settings mostly on low, to better prioritise the gaming experience over the game's visuals. Additionally, these settings give TenZ a more optimised playing experience.

Video option Setting
Material qualityLow
Detail qualityLow
Texture qualityLow
UI qualityLow
Anti-aliasingMSAA 2x
Anisotropic Filtering2x
Improve clarityOff
First person shadowsOff

Map Settings

Lastly for map settings, TenZ doesn't really change much as he just makes certain he sees the map clearly to locate enemies and his own teammates.

Map option Setting
RotateRotate based on side
Keep player centredOn
Minimap size1.2
Minimap zoom0.8
Minimap vision conesOn
Show map region namesAlways

Now that you know TenZ's settings for his crosshair, mouse, keybinds, and more, surely you'll be able to pick up a thing or two from one of the world champions of Valorant. However, these settings don't mean much if you don't hone your own Valorant skills as well. Make sure to practice a lot too and still find the settings that can best accommodate your needs as a player.