Valorant Premier - Release date speculation and everything we know

A promotional image for Valorant Premier.
Credit: Riot Games Inc.

A promotional image for Valorant Premier.
Credit: Riot Games Inc.

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We'll be guiding you through the Valorant Premier release date and how long the open beta will be. Riot Games had just announced the new Valorant competitive mode, Premier, and its open beta. This has certainly excited players of the game to shoot their shot on becoming professional Valorant players, as the new feature could pave way into a new system for the VCT open qualifiers.

This global open beta will run from April to May, which gives players enough time to match up and make their way to the playoffs. It's certainly a unique feature Valorant players are looking forward to.

A promotional image of Valorant Premier.
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Credit: Riot Games Inc.

Valorant Premier release date speculation

First, you should know a bit about Valorant Premier. It's Valorant's newest competitive mode that allows players to team up with their friends and compete in a well-planned tournament system with pre-scheduled matches, regardless of their ranks.

Riot Games addressed how it wanted to build a connection between games and its esports set-up through a highly competitive mode. Thus, the birth of Valorant Premier! Those who excel in Premier will be given the chance to enter the Valorant Champions Tour Challengers League. However, the game's developers are still evaluating how Premier will be properly integrated as a path to become a professional player in the esports scene.

With that, Riot Games announced that the Premier Global Beta will launch on April 25, 2023 (Tuesday). It will run from April 25 to May 23, and here are some of the important dates you should keep in mind.

  • Enrolment period: April 25 to April 28
  • Weekly Matches: April 29 to May 20
  • Playoff Tournament start: May 21

Do take note again that this is just a test version of Premier before its full launch. During launch day, a full-screen takeover will feature Premier. The homepage navigation will have a Premier section players can access. Additionally, an explanation model will pop up when you visit the Premier Hub for the first time.

The Beta will also be on a shorter schedule than what Riot Games has planned for the official launch, while actual Premier stages will last as long as regular Valorant Acts. Here are some of the dates for the next phases of Premier and its planned full launch:

  • Open Beta - April to May 2023
  • July Phase - July 2023
  • Launch - August or September 2023
  • October Phase - October 2023

There you have it, all the information you need on the Valorant Premier release date. While you're counting down the days 'til Premier's release, you can check out our other guides such as how to level up faster in Valorant. If you're interested, we also have an April list of Valorant crosshair codes which contain the best mouse settings for this month.

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