How to level up faster in Valorant

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A screenshot of various characters stood together in Valorant.

We'll make it easier for you as we've prepared this guide on how to level up faster in Valorant. In Valorant, levelling up has a lot of perks such as unlock new agents, skins, gun buddies, and other items. However, levelling up in the game takes a lot of time and effort to grind.

To level up in Valorant, players must be able to gain XP, which can be attained by completing missions and playing itself. The amount of XP garnered depends on a player's performance per match.

A screenshot of the battle pass in Valorant with XP bonuses.
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How to level up faster in Valorant

When grinding for XP on the game, you'll have to prioritise completing weekly missions and daily missions, as these two things garner the most XP. Two new missions will appear in your log which award 2,000 XP each. For weekly missions, you'll get around 10,000 to over 20,000 XP, depending on which act and episode you are of the game. For weekly missions, you should complete them as soon as possible before they stack up on your log or before the battle pass ends.

If you've completed your daily and weekly missions and are unsure on what you could do, try queueing for Deathmatch or Spike Rush. While each round of Competitive or Unrated will grant you 100 XP for playing or 200 XP for winning, it may become tiring to queue for long games. You should try queueing other game modes because a single game of Deathmatch will give you 900 XP while Spike Rush can return with 1,000 XP.

Get the battle pass

With a battle pass, you'll be able to get some bonus XP for your matches and at the same time, get some cool cosmetics. It's best to purchase the battle pass during its start so you can really maximise all the XP bonuses. Players get a bonus XP of three percent with the battle pass. Do take note that the bonus XP that comes with the battle pass will expire once the battle pass ends. So make sure you can play a lot to utilise this bonus!

Subscribe to the Xbox Game Pass

You can connect to your Xbox Game Pass with your Riot account. What benefits you can reap from this are unlocking all agents and getting a bonus XP of 20%. This is an underrated yet very useful method to get more XP in your matches. Plus, you can be the first to try out new agents when they release.

Queue with friends

Lastly, queueing with your friends will also give you additional XP for each friend you queue with. Back in December 2022, Valorant introduced the Squad Boost event which allows you and your friends to earn bonus XP. For duos, you'd get an 8% boost, Trios get 12%, Quads had a 16% boost, while Full Squads garner a 20% boost.


While the Squad Boost event ended back in January, players can hope that another event like this will come again in a future update. So keep your eyes peeled on announcements for this event.

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