Valorant funny crosshair - The funniest picks

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Five characters stood against a red backdrop in Valorant.

If you have been playing the same shooter for a long time, one of the best challenges you can set for yourself is to play this video game with odd settings. Using Valorant funny crosshairs is one of the best ways to have fun playing Valorant.

It will not only surprise your opponents and teammates when they decide to look at you using spectator mode, but also make your gameplay much more interesting. Read this guide, and you will find out the funniest picks for crosshairs in Valorant.


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What is the best funny crosshair in Valorant?

Before using the funny crosshair in Valorant, you should take into account that doing so will significantly reduce your effectiveness during the battle. When using funny crosshairs, don't worry about the result, and do not blame your teammates if they lose the match. Only in this way can you relax and enjoy playing such a complex shooter as Valorant.

Nipple Crosshair

Nipple Crosshair in Valorant.
Credit: YouTube Dracarys Gaming

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Even though it might sound strange, in Valorant you can find a crosshair that copies the shape of the nipple. Also, feel free to experiment with the size and color of this crosshair to make it even funnier.


Hole crosshair

The hole crosshair in Valorant.
Credit: YouTube Dracarys Gaming

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The hole crosshair is probably one of the strangest crosshairs nowadays. You can be sure that doing a headshot with this crosshair at a long distance is the most complicated challenge you'll ever try in Valorant.


The Dot crosshair in Valorant.
Credit: YouTube kiing dom

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The main difference of the Dot crosshair compared to others is that many players widely use this crosshair, even in matchmaking. So you can have some fun playing the game, and be effective for your team, using the Dot crosshair.

Windmill crosshair

The Windmill crosshair in Valorant.
Credit: YouTube Dracarys Gaming

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The windmill crosshair is a giant crosshair that makes you a free kill for your opponents. It is impossible to kill using Windmill Crosshair, even if you try to shoot your enemy at a close distance, given how inaccurate it is.

Pokeball crosshair

The Pokeball crosshair in Valorant.
Credit: YouTube Dracarys Gaming

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If you are a big fan of the newest Pokemon Scarlet and Violet, you can try to use Pokeball crosshair. Doing it guarantees you will not have a K/D higher than 1.0, but you will have a lot of fun playing the game.

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