How To Surrender In Valorant

Valorant, Riot Games' class-based tactical shooter, has seen an ample amount of success in the last year and looks to prosper within 2021.

While the game is a lot of fun, sometimes you are on the wrong side of a game and can find yourself easily down within a match.

In this case, it may be in your team's best interest to surrender. 

Here's how to do this in Valorant! 



Surrendering in Valorant is used when you want to get out of a match, but do not want to receive a cooldown for leaving a match that is in progress.

While the in-game Valorant menus do not have an option to do this, you can easily prompt the surrender option via the in-game chat.

Follow these steps in order to trigger the surrender vote: 

  • Hit Enter to bring up the chat menu
  • Type /ff or /forfeit to trigger the vote
  • If someone else called the vote, then you will need to type /yes or /no to vote. Or, you can hit one or F5 or F6 to vote!
  • If enough players on your team vote, then you will surrender the match to the enemy team

This is a feature we have seen in other tactical shooters such as CS:GO and it is a fantastic feature to have!


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