Valorant Tournament Schedule 2021: VCT Masters, Ignite Series and More

Episode 2 Act 2 is now live in Valorant and that means a new Battle Pass is available to grind your way through!

One aspect that has been making tremendous progress since the game released is the esports side of Valorant.

There are ample amount of events coming in the next few months for Valorant, and it can be tricky to know when each is happening.

Here is the remainder of the tournaments coming to Valorant for 2021! 



The Valorant Champions Tour is the main Riot-produced event for the majority of 2021.

Announced earlier in the week, Riot will be holding the VCT Stage 2 Masters within Reykjavík, Iceland during the month of May.

Besides this upcoming LAN, Riot has posted an image that outlines all of the events coming for the remainder of 2021.

Check it out below!

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So, we can expect more LAN events within the second half of 2021 from the VCT!


Twitch Rivals

Twitch, the online streaming service often holds Twitch Rivals events from time to time, and we have seen some in the past and they have been the spectacle of Valorant esports. 

As of writing, there is currently a Twitch Rivals event taking place until the 10th of March. But, we can assume more are going to be held in the near future.



We can also assume more Valorant third-party events are going to be held in the near future. Keep your eyes out on social media for all news regarding your favorite Valorant team!


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