Valorant: How To Get The Elderflame Skin - Release Date, Price And Everything We Know About Valorant's First Ultra Edition Skin

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Valorant recently released a teaser that had very little context and has quickly followed up with more information on what it all means.

Valorant will be releasing its first-ever Ultra Edition skin called the 'Elderflame'.


What Is It?

The Elderflame skin is Valorant's first Ultra Edition skin and will be available for all weapons.

Release Date

The skin will be released on the 10th July 2020.



Valorant Revenue Lead, Joe 'SWAGGERNAU7' Lee, confirmed that the Ultra-Edition price point will be at 9,900 Valorant Points. This equals to about £82.50 or $90.

How To Get The Elderflame Skin

Simply purchase it from the in-game store once it is made available.