How to find the Mistlands biome in Valheim

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character looking over the Mistlands Biome in Valheim

The Valheim Mistlands biome is one of the most widely discussed things in the newest update of the game. Even though this biome is currently only on the public test, it has made a lot of headlines in the Valheim news. Here you can face various easter eggs and a lot of new monsters.

Read this guide, and you will find out how to find the Mistlands biome in Valheim. Moreover, there will be some particular tips you need to know. Let’s start!


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Mistlands biome in Valheim.

How to Install the Mistlands Update in Valheim

First and foremost, you should understand that this biome is a part of the test update, which is currently not an official release. Therefore, you should install the update to make the Mistlands biome appear in the game. Fortunately, nothing is challenging about doing it.


Open the Library section in Steam and choose Valheim. After that, right-click on the game icon and select Properties - Betas. In the next menu, you should redeem a unique code, “yesimadebackups” to access the update. Close the Properties tab, and feel free to download the newest update.

Also, remember that Mistlands is one of the most significant updates in Valheim. It includes various exciting mechanics and systems but has some lag and glitches. So, make sure to back up the game files before installing the update.

Where to Find Mistlands Biome in Valheim

Once you download and install the beta update, you can now access the Mistlands biome. And the foremost thing you should know is that there is no specific location for the Mistlands Biome. Mistlands Biome is randomly generated for every player.


But in most cases, a Mistlands Biome spawns far away from the center of the map. So, you need to prepare boats and other means of transportation to get to this biome fast. Also, if you have no time to get there, you can use cheat and console commands to teleport to the Mistlands Biome quickly.

Where to Find Mistlands Biome in Valheim.

What is the Mistlands Biome?

Finally, it would be good to know what you can find in the Mistlands Biome. The fact is that it is the darkest place in Valheim. The sun never shines here. Therefore, the biome is full of gigantic cobwebs. Everything is covered with webs, from the ground to the highest tree. Also, the cobwebs are home to many spiders, who are the main inhabitants of the Mistlands biome.


Unfortunately, this biome is nearly empty. You should know that it is in the middle stages of development, so developers will add more content in the future.

In conclusion, the Mistlands Biome is the sixth and the most exciting biome in Valheim. Even though it is not finished yet, this biome has made a lot of headlines. And right now it can be added to the game by redeeming a unique code. And while you are still here, make sure to check our article on where to find iron in Valheim.